Deactivate plugin

Deactivate a WordPress Plugin.

Examples: Deactivate Elementor, Deactivate WooCommerce

Delete default content on a new WordPress installation.

Examples: Delete Default Content, Remove Default Posts

Create Elementor Pro theme parts like a header, a footer, etc.
  • create header
  • create footer
  • create archive
  • create error 404
  • create single page
  • create single post
  • create search results

Add widgets and elements to page at once.


  • Add title, text, button
  • Add title, container, title

Check if a form is sent as expected to the configured email address.

The check includes:

  • Check the server can send emails
  • Check the destination email domain is exist
  • Check DKIM and SPF records
  • Check if the email is detected as spam
  • Check for external MX records (that may lead to send the email internally instead of the real email)
  • Inline Preview of the form message as sent to the email

Create an empty Elementor template with a centered text: Coming Soon.