Easy WordPress Setup

The ultimate WordPress setup partner

Are you tired of the hard process of setting up a new WordPress website?

Meet Oli, your helpful and fast WordPress assistant, made to make your website creation easier and quicker.

Oli is a dedicated WordPress and Elementor helper that works smoothly with your website, handling all the small details, so you can focus on your content and business.

Autodetect a new WordPress installation
Autodetect a new WordPress installation
Easy Setup App
Easy Setup App

Accelerate Your Website Setup

Oli is your one-stop solution for all your WordPress setup needs, offering a vast array of actions such as:

  • Removing default themes, plugins, and content that you don’t need

  • Installing popular plugins like Yoast SEO, Cache, Elementor and even Elementor Pro

  • Creating essential pages like Home, About, Contact, etc.

With Oli, you can effortlessly set up and customize your website’s appearance and functionality, making it a breeze to create a professional and efficient online presence.

Experience the Oli Difference

Oli is not just another WordPress tool – it’s your dedicated, personal assistant with a mission to assess your progress, provide professional best practices, and streamline your website setup, content uploading, and client delivery stages. 

What sets Oli apart is its ability to do most of the setup work for you in mere seconds, ultimately saving you time, energy, and frustration.

With its lightning-fast performance, keen eye for avoiding mistakes, and unwavering commitment to reducing your frustration, Oli is your ultimate solution for a smooth and efficient WordPress setup experience.

WordPress Dashboard with Oli Assistant
WordPress Dashboard with Oli Assistant

Get Started with Oli Today!

Oli Assistant is a Browser Extension that will help you on every WordPress installation.

Try Oli today and experience the difference for yourself!