Elementor: Set global font

Set a global font family and font size in Elementor. Examples: set primary font (choose from font list) set secondary font to Assistant 1.5rem set text font to 1rem  

Elementor: Enable experiment

Enable or disable an Elementor Experiment/Feature. Examples: set experiment (it will open a list of all experiments) set experiment container on The bold text above is the experiment name.

Elementor: Enable SVG

Enable unfiltered file uploads like SVG, JSON, etc. Examples: enable svg enable unfiltered files upload disable svg upload

Elementor: Set global color

Set a global color in Elementor. Examples: set primary color set secondary color to red set text color to #790787

Elementor Pro: Create Theme Parts

Create Elementor Pro theme parts like a header, a footer, etc. Examples: create header create footer create archive create error 404 create single page create single post create search results

Elementor: Regenerate CSS

Clear Elementor CSS cache. Equals to WP Admin > Elementor > Tools > Regenerate Files & Data Examples: Clear Elementor CSS Regenerate Elementor CSS

Create a menu

Create a WordPress Menu. Examples: Create a Top menu Create a Footer menu with all pages The bold text above will be used as the name of the new menu.

Clean WordPress

Run 3 actions at once: Remove Unused Plugins Remove Unused themes Remove Default Content

Install theme

Install a theme from WordPress org repository. Examples: Install Theme Hello Elementor, Install Astra

Set logo

Set website logo. Upload your logo via an instant file uploader. Requires a themes that supports uploading a logo. Examples: Set Logo, Change Logo

Remove unused plugins

Delete all plugins that not in use, for better performance and better security. See Also: Remove Unused Themes and Clean WordPress

Remove unused themes

Delete all themes that not in use, for better performance and better security. See Also: Remove Unused Plugins and  Clean WordPress